We at Dr. Bill Smith Ministries are called for one purpose, that is, to equip The Body Of Christ (not a sect or denomination) for His Call. This equipping is not one of intellect, though the intellect is involved through being renewed to His Word (both written and prophetic). Even the written Word is spiritually discerned, and requires one to be born again (in the Greek literally means "born from above, of Spirit"), and Baptized in The Holy Ghost.

     We are an Apostolic, Divine Order Ministry. We offer Apostolic Covering for other Ministries. God's Anointing through us demonstrates through releasing of Spiritual Gifts into Believers, Healings, Miracles, Prophecy, and other manifestations of The Holy Spirit, bringing Christ Glory, including seeing the dead raised publicly on more than one occasion. Please write or call for a free resource catalog. We have literally hundreds of CD's that contain powerful, anointed teaching messages. Dr. Smith has written several books and publications, two of which are major life changing reading, "Celebration of Life" and "The Conscience of Man - Understand Its Purpose And Function" Remember, Jesus loves you and wants you to grow to the fullness of the stature of Christ Jesus.